The Winter Blues spring creativity

Happy New Year!

Steampunk Cat
Steampunk Cat – mixed media piece

It’s been a couple of months since my last post but I’ve been training for my new job with the school district in my area.  Working for a school district has given my an opportunity to work on a few pieces of art for my Etsy site mainly due to the polar vortex that has descended upon our area.  Yes, that’s right, snow days!

Over the Christmas break I completed a piece that I have submitted to the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea KY, hopefully, to be displayed in their Repurpose/Recycle exhibit for 2014.  The piece that I entered Keepin’ Time with the Masters is a tribute piece to the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe (upper right corner).  The group sitting in the painting is the very talented and very young Sleepy Man Banjo Boys.The frame, vinyl records, paint, wall clock, clock indicators and file folders (used to make the stencils) were items lying around the house that I put together to fulfill the 50% repurposed/recycled requirement.  The piece is 27 X 39 inches, quite large, but I think it turned out pretty well.  I hope to hear something next week as to whether or not the piece will be in the exhibit.  What do you think?


Yesterday, yes another snow day, I completed this piece of Muhammad Ali and I think it turned out pretty well too.  What do you think?

lentz_kim 1


To start the new year what are some of the projects that you have been working on?  Link back and let me know what you’ve been creating to beat the winter blues.

Definitely looking forward to Spring, keep creating!

2 thoughts on “The Winter Blues spring creativity

  1. Awesome stuff Kim!! I would love to see the Bill Monroe piece in person!!

    I also wanted to let you know Alex has cheer games on tues/thur if you are interested in coming out to a middle school basketball game.

    Also, will send you a softball schedule when we get it.

    I’m glad to see you are enjoying your new job!

    Look forward to seeing you soon!


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