Sleepy Man Banjo Boys – Keepin’ Time with the Masters

I couple of months ago I entered a large painting for an exhibit at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea Kentucky.  Unfortunately the piece was not selected, but I have updated it a bit and am thinking about selling it on my Etsy site.  The piece is mounted in a wood frame that measures 41 inches wide by 29 inches high, rather large I know, but for the Bluegrass fan just the right size for a wall hanging.  The piece includes two vinyl records, one is a clock and the other is a painting of the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe.  In the center of the piece, a painting of the young and very talented, Sleepy Man Banjo Boys.  Each of the paintings were created using hand-cut stencils, six total, and spray/hand painted.  The indicators on the clock are made of wood and were found pieces from an old microwave cart and a bag of cutouts.  The background paint, the gray color, came from a can of paint I had used for another project some time ago.  I also hand cut stencils for all of the lettering and applied each with either a sponge or paint brush.

The piece has not been added to my Etsy site yet, as I am unsure about the asking price.  What would you pay for a piece of artwork this size?  What are your thoughts and/or comments about the quality of work?

Keepin' Time with the Masters
Original piece – Keepin’ Time with the Masters

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Thanks for all your support!


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